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Data Protection Training and Seminars

The GDPR requires companies to take appropriate and necessary measures to ensure the protection of personal data in the long term. One of the most effective and affordable measures companies can take is regular training for employees. With a solid understanding of important concepts of data protection and data security, employees learn to independently identify potential areas of conflict early on and take them into account when planning new projects. This can reduce subsequent follow-up costs for rework and lengthy audits without jeopardizing the schedule.

In the event of incidents and data breaches, authorities regularly request proof of training and check whether all relevant employees have also been adequately trained. 

At a minimum, data protection training covers topics such as basic terms, legal principles, and the various roles and policies within the respective company. But it is clear to us that data protection cannot be successful without data security. That's why we also always place a special focus on basic training for all employees on IT security issues. 

In ordinary training sessions, employees learn about IT security best practices only in theory. However,  it is much more important that all employees learn how an incident can be prevented in advance using examples and exercises, and how they must react in the event of an incident in order to support the recovery process. This covers everything from simple wins to more complex topics, such as how to recognize and prevent phishing attacks. 

For employees in certain positions, particularly managers as well as HR and  IT staff, specific content that is particularly relevant is covered in further depth. 

Due to their relatively low implementation costs and high impact, training courses comprise a fundamental framework which allows to further work on data privacy and security in the company, so GDPR implementation  can proceed smoothly. In our basic course, we  explain the basic terms and definitions, so everyone speaks the same language and has the same understanding of the fundamental issues. 

Data Protection Officers familiar with the relevant business sector can make the training sessions interactive, instructive and with many real-life examples. We can also train employees and managers in companies with international operations. Our team speaks German, English and Japanese and more languages are available on demand.

Our  competent trainers will  bring all employees up to speed on data protection and thus significantly lowering legal and technical risks.