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Making best practice better every day

Currently, the majority of current threats are automated cyberattacks, most of which can be systematically mitigated to minimize risks. It has been shown that about 70% of attackers give up after 40 hours when they encounter a strong IT infrastructure. Therefore, it is a competitive advantage for companies to demonstrate better cybersecurity than their market peers, who may then fall victim to the attackers.

Approaches and best practices to improve enterprise cybersecurity:

Promote employee IT skills and create risk awareness.

  •     Minimize compatibility with malware
  •     Use backup, fallback and recovery systems
  •     Implement end-to-end encryption for data transmission via the Internet (e.g., encrypt emails using PGP)
  •     Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  •     Compartmentalization, compartmentalization and strategic virtualization of systems and networks
  •     Constant monitoring and predictive maintenance
  •     Maintenance of comprehensive documentation in a management system