Streaming starts on Monday, November 16th at 9:00am CET (5:00pm JST)


9:00am (5:00pm)
Mr. Peter Moehring, Security Network Munich
Mr. Christian Geltinger, State of Bavaria

9:05am (5:05pm)
Opening Remarks:
Mr. Mark Hauptmann, MP Germany.
Mr. Minoru Kiuchi, MP Japan.
Mr. Nobutaka Maekawa, Consul General for Japan in Munich.

9:20am (5:20pm)
Mr. Junichi Eguchi, METI.

9:30am (5:30pm)
PANEL – Industrial Security:
Moderator: Mr. Steffen Zimmermann, VDMA.
Mr. Wolfgang Klasen, Siemens.
Mr. Takeshi Yoneda, Mitsubishi Electric.
Mr. Andre Braunmandl, Federal Office for Information Security Germany BSI.
Mr. Hiroshi Sasaki, Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence ICSCoE.

10:15am (6:15pm)
Mr. Stefan Schnorr , German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs BMWi.

10:20 am (6:20pm)
Information Security Talk: Impact of Covid 19 Pandemic on Health Care Sector
Ms. Mihoko Matsubara, NTT.

10:30 am (6:30pm)
Impulse Speech: Data Protection in the Context of IoT
Prof. Kai Rannenberg, Frankfurt/Main University.

Data Protection Talk: New Horizon of APPI
Ms. Mari Sonoda, Former SG, Personal Information Protection Commission.

10:50am (6:50pm)
PANEL – Data Protection:
Moderator: Prof. Henrike Weiden, Munich University of Applied Sciences.
Mr. Hermann Gumpp, Enobyte.
Mr. Michael Will, Data Protection Agency Bavaria.
Mr. Junichi Ichii, Personal Information Protection Commission.
Mr. Stephan Krafft, Rohde & Schwarz.